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Cool Cat

*Illustration reference:

Liam the Everyday Cat

Saturday is Caturday

And cats are sure to have their way

They’ll stretch and loll and reach and roll

For daily languishing their goal

But if there’s moment that you catch

Them just off-guard, on arm they latch!

Their teeth sink in, their claws will slash

They’ll scar you with an inch deep gash…

Then just as quick, release and run

Left mauled, in pain, they’ve had their fun

They’re heading for their favourite place

And off to dream of mice to chase

In sunny spot of warmest room

Until again they need to zoom

Their yowls and cries are ever heeded

You’ll pet and cosset them when needed

Oh pampered puss, oh furry terror

May we live like this forever

You on velvet throne, adored

And us, just waiting, to be… ignored

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