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Crown of Roses

*Illustration reference: Juergen Held

Metallic like a penny sucked

Blood drawn from a rose you’ve plucked

Avoid the thorns, your mind did say

So careless in that vexing way

You plunge right in all heed be damned

Respond you do, “it’s who I am”

Eccentric with a dash of keen

You do and say just what you mean

Even should a nerve you prickle

Enjoy you do to tease the fickle

I would not say it’s that endearing

For some, contempt comes off as sneering

But still I’d rather one be frank

With moral compass we can thank

Preventing one from patronizing

Or preening and self-aggrandizing

Like honey dripped into one’s ear

Told only what you want to hear

Tis folly of pernicious kind

It tricks and addles trusting mind

So I shall aim to be like you

To travel with a flock of few

And plot my course with less regard

For pleasing, as I move toward

A crown of roses lit with stars

A worthy prize for all those scars!

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