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Romero’s movie number three

The end of zombie trilogy

There was the night, and then the dawn

Now comes the day, all hope is gone!

The dead did rise and took a bite

A few survivors now sit tight

And hope for - what? I do not know

As bunkered hundred feet below

A ragtag group, both mad and scared

The tension’s more than they can bear

The doctor’s desperate for a cure

But rage of guard’s must be endured

Then what transpires on the screen

More guts and dreck than ever seen!

The terror of the undead’s stagger

Feels like a heart pierced by a dagger

The utter zombie slaughterfest

This blitz of blood’s, downright, the best!

But even through all of the gore

This movie’s message, at its core

It shows how once the chips are down

Compassion is no longer found

And what is the worst enemy?

The dregs of our humanity

In desperate times we must unite

Instead we’d rather feud and fight

Despair like zombies will break in

All ends in battle we can’t win

As villains, that’s why zombies thrive

Reduced to naught but basic drive

It’s human spirit, beating hearts

That sets us, from the brutes, apart

To stay alive, let’s band together

Our strengthened bond, no woe shall sever

My final words, much more forgiving…

Let mantra be: “Day of the Living”!!

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