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Dare To Dream

*Illustration reference:

“Don Quixote and Sancho Panza”

by Cesare-Auguste Detti

Take heed to words, they’re worth their salt

Deprived of drive brings us to halt

Tis apathy that does us in

When impulse was already thin

The status quo is uninspired

Indifference is where we’re mired

This attitude can irk me so

For without verve we will not grow

We would not be where we are now

If people did not wonder, “How?”

Or find the answers on their own

When curious, such seeds are sown

And that is what I hope still simmers

Deep inside us is that glimmer

A quickened pulse when we’re engaged

Imagine if our will were caged

Colourless and lifeless too

Without life goals we may pursue

This is a vision dull and bleak

A future of which I won’t speak

What is the thing that gets you going

That starts those visionary juices flowing

What good are dreams if off they flit

It’s in the chase we show our grit!

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