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*Illustration reference: Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes

from the film, "Misery" (1990)

I watch you when you’re sleeping

I’m waiting when you wake

I match the rise and fall I feel

Of every breath you take

I read each line of wrinkle that

Forms when you laugh or speak

The sound of your voice makes me sigh

Your mere glance leaves me weak

I rarely spend a moment free

From thinking of your face

I cannot seem to finish books

You make me lose my place

I worry what you’re doing when

You’re not here by my side

I’m sorry at your hand I clutch

That my fingers can’t be pried

I’m grateful every night I sleep

And when I rise at dawn

That you have come into my life

You’re who I depend upon

I don’t think that you understand

Just how much I’m devoted

A hundred sonnets full of love

Could barely show, if quoted

And yet you’ve run so far from me

Don’t make me feel regret

‘Cause we were always meant to be

Before we ever met

There’s photos that I linger on

Till you return to me

I take such comfort knowing that

You can’t fight destiny…

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