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Do Not Give Up

Discouragement and hopelessness

Are we to ever clean this mess

It’s overwhelming, almost crushing

As faith down toilet we are flushing

Would be easy to just throw in towel

Throw up the sash, at moon we howl

A mournful song, forlorn and blue

We’ve no idea what to do…

But wait, just wait. What is that feeling

That breaks through pain at which we’re reeling

It isn’t hope, we’re done with that

It’s not amends, they all fall flat

I think it feels a bit like burning

That pull of tides we sense are turning

When trust becomes a nemesis

When knocked of wind, we turn to this

Stoutheartedness, determination

Are more than just wide-eyed sensations

They’re tenets of a hardboiled soul

That stops at naught to reach their goal

Was nothing done that truly mattered

Without a few glass ceilings shattered

The enemy will surely win

If when we’re down, we all give in

Instead show strength that’s fierce and feral

Discount us? Only at their peril!

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