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There’s reason why some comedies

Can be conjoined with scares with ease

As we hide behind our squinting eyes

We’ll laugh out loud in sheer surprise

A movie that pulls all the levers

A hidden gem and it’s called “Tremors”

Two hapless men, quite lovable

Live lives we’d best call - “schlubbable”

A little hapless and unlucky

But their attitude stays plucky

Until one day, while dodging town

Their simple world’s turned upside down

For soon all townsfolk big and small

Are grabbed like prey, and that’s not all

Seems desert houses ancient critters

Attracted to slight shake or jitter

These creatures tunnel through the earth

With fang-filled mouths and mammoth girth

The plot then thickens with some gore

And lots of laughs, you yell for more!

We watch with glee, and trepidation

As people fight for their salvation

I won’t give way the ending of

A movie that so many love!

If you’ve not seen, then remedy

It’s pure cult classic, you will see

A monster movie set apart

With guns and gore, but lots of heart

And tons of snorts, they have you shakin’

And who don’t love some Kevin Bacon!?

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