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Don't Be Like Ike...

Ike on his bike did whatever he liked

He rode on the sidewalk and wherever he pleased

Ike on his bike hit old folks as they hiked

He ran all red lights and past walkers he breezed

Ike on his bike he was not very liked

Thought safety was stupid and rules for the birds

Ike on his bike hated kids on their trikes

Three wheels were for babies and helmets for nerds

Ike took this bike from his buddy named Mike

Mike was not happy but what could he do

Ike on this bike rode past and yelled "Psyche!"

Mike yelled expletives until he turned blue

Ike's off his bike for a car he did strike

And thrown from his bike landed hard on his head

Ike would not like what is left of his bike

But Ike doesn't mind because Ike is quite dead...

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