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Don't Drag the Drag Queens!

Don’t you dare come for the ones

That deign to live in search of fun

That play and dive and dip and curse

All while wearing heels and purse

They fool with tropes and dull convention

In a way that’s pure invention!

Their faces like a painted canvas

Looking fab in skin tight dress

I’ll take them Monday straight to Sunday

Outrageous drag queens on the runway!

Their aim to bring both YAS and joy

By turning round what’s girl or boy

But in the end aren’t we the same?

We feel, we love, we need not tame

There’s place for all if we just let it

Your aim, defeat? You can forget it

It’s here to stay, it’s ever-growing

There’s more than just a great leg showing

There’s freedom to such self-expression

In fact from them, let’s take this lesson -

Be yourself, no scorn no hurt

Be loud be proud! (Look great in skirt!)

Shed presumption with abandon

And expectations so demanding

There’s something just so liberating

When you put aside all hating!

If everyone had makeup bag

You’d find we all look great in drag!!

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