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Don't Lick the Pole...

Silly Sam on a chilly day Ran to school all ready to play He looked around for things to do And saw a bunch of friends he knew They were standing 'round a pole Hugging close 'cause it was cold! They pinched and prodded pulling hair Goading each to take the dare Sam ran up and joined the group

Laughing with this huddled troop Our Sam was always up for fun But he was 'bout to come undone! "Lick the pole" the kids all chanted And sure enough their wish was granted Sam was not afraid nor shy

He happily gave it a try Zap! His tongue was swiftly stuck The other kids all ran amok Sam was shocked to find that he Was not quite able to pull free! Blood curdling screams he did emit Were drowning in a stream of spit He pulled and pulled to no avail So louder did our poor Sam wail! Teachers ran from every room To the playground they did zoom Finding Sam alone and scared Wishing that he hadn't dared! Turns out that almost every year There's a kid who has no fear And tries this very silly trick

A decision they regret real quick But Sam cared not whose fault it was Nor how they'd free him just because There was nothing he could do

But hope his tongue came with him too Someone near had heard alarm

Held Timmie's coffee barely warm Although our Sam was almost sick That lukewarm beverage did the trick! Sam's tongue freed from frozen pole No worse for wear its flesh still whole Could not express a single vowel For it was wrapped in paper towel

Mother came saw Sam's duress

Took him home to convalesce So does this tale have any lesson With frozen poles you don't be messin'!

I kid you not this story's true

You'd understand if Sam you knew

The best part that I'd like to share...

That piece of tongue might still be there!

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