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*Illustration reference:

Nosferatu the Vampyre

(Werner Herzog, 1979)

He comes to you as if a dream

Eyes black onyx, skin like cream

You’re horrified while mesmerized

You’d run if you weren’t paralyzed

Yet opened to his charms like door

Bewitched, beguiled by bloodless gore

You’re out of body, float above

Then traps you with his wraith-like love

And clasps you in a chilled embrace

No breath overflows your close-pressed face

He turns your cheek with single finger

A cat-like claw does trail and linger

On your pulsing vein with lust

Then into neck his canine’s thrust

You feel your life drain like an eave

Your spirit soon will take its leave

His sustenance, you’re meant to be

But you submit, tis destiny

There is no doubt you will not make it

Soul once pure, he deigned to take it

Foul miasma, sharp as knife

He takes his leave while snatching life

Yet gifts you dream, turned dark as mud

His alms, delicious as your blood…

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