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Dungeons and Dragons and Demons, Oh My!

On fringe of your imagination

A realm exists of your creation

Take hearty swigs from bulging flagons

Tis time to seek dungeons. And dragons!

Indulge in lots of monster-slaying

But not for real, it’s all role-playing

Where both courageous and the meek

Are free to dwell as summoner geeks!

Get lost in place of strange domains

Where beasts will roam and evil reigns

Deep mysteries and twists unfold

With every turn, with each dice roll

Explore unknowns as doors you enter

Engage in battles, gather treasure

Be warrior, an elf or mage

Hell, be berserker full of rage!

Get drunk at pubs and punch a minstrel

Then fight an orc, cast magic missile!

Fantastic lands you’ll get to roam

Without the need to leave your home!

It captivates, immerses deeply

Enjoy yourself for hours, cheaply!

There’s reason D & D endures

A pastime genuine and pure

It brings together kindred spirits

Devotion you can’t help but cheer it

Does it sound fun? Well, don’t think twice

Pull up a chair and roll that dice!

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