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Engelbert, The Cross-Eyed Reindeer

You know all the reindeer

From Rudolf to Prancer

But do you know Engelbert?

(You don’t have to answer…)

Engelbert the reindeer

Whom nobody knows

Was brother to Rudolph

The one with THAT nose

He longed to be leading

Ol’ Santa’s great sleigh

But an orbital defect

Sadly got in the way

For Engelbert’s vision

Was slightly askew

Cross-eyed was he

There was naught he could do

He wore thick-lensed glasses

That brought much derision

But most luckily

It corrected his vision

It still was not likely

He’d lead Santa’s team

As long as there’s Rudy

It stayed a pipe dream

For Rudolph was king

And he made sure you knew it

If the weather was bad

Well, he simply flew through it!

But wouldn’t you know it

A year came along

When all the things right

Went completely all wrong

The whole team of reindeer

Got stricken with flu

And on Christmas Eve!

What was Santa to do!?

He summoned for Engelbert

His glasses and all

So glad was this reindeer

To answer the call!

His heart and his vigor

Would power that sleigh

And corrective eye glasses

Made his eyesight okay!

Aren’t we all glad

That Bertie saved Christmas

And a good healthcare plan

Helped him treat his Strabismus!

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