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You ever been so tired that you don’t think you can sleep

The stairs you need to climb to bed are suddenly too steep

The act of standing is too much, yet sitting is a chore

I’ve literally slid off the couch and laid out on the floor

I stare up at the ceiling and debate if I should move

But man this feels so comfortable, I think I’ve found my groove

The notion of just staying here makes sense as more time passes

My back does not mind hardened planks instead of comfy mattress

I don’t need blanket, PJs or my orthopedic pillow

My thoughts are starting to disperse like clouds of smoke will billow

My eyelids are so heavy that no more tonight they’ll lift

My head has fallen to the side, my notice starts to drift

Fatigue has won this battle and my corpse shall lie in stasis

The floor in front of sofa has become my dream oasis

A hectic life can wear you out, a problem if you let it

So best to get your forty winks wherever you can get it!

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