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Fee-Feenix Rising!

Twas tiny tiny fairy small

Her name was Fee-Fee-Rae

She lived amongst the yew trees tall

And would fly about all day

But weary was this fairy wee

She carried quite the load

She cared for all the weak yew trees

The stress on her face showed

The other fairies flitted past

They would not help nor serve

So Fee-Fee-Rae, she could not last

And she lost her vim and verve

One day at foot of tall yew tree

Was Fee-Fee-Rae in heap

Her lovely wings hung shabbily

She woke not from her sleep

The other fairies finally saw

Just what their cruelty reaped

Their selfishness a fatal flaw

All they could do was weep

Yet what they failed to see in her

Was heart that burned with fire

Their tears within her spirit stirred

A growing hot desire

For Fee-Fee-Rae would not lie still

And let regret win out

She wagged her wings with all her will

And heard the others shout

Like red-hot sun upon world shone

Her languishment was fixed

From this day forward she will be known

As the Fierce One Fee-Feenix!

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