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Feelings, Deeply Felt

Of all the things that bind us as species

High in the chain, thick our love is of theses

Superiority in practice, but not in the real

Our virtue, our bane, describes how we feel

Defines us, undoes us, traps and sets free

Indulgent and reckless, yet fits like a tee

I think, so I am, as I feel, so I act

Let loose like a bull, I will love or attack

No time to debate how I know what I learn

What happens soon after, is not my concern

For what will connect, just as quick pulls asunder

As calm sky will gray and can rock with mad thunder

The whys and the hows as unknown as the whens

And feeling the feels as they’re felt by our ken

Like slippery eels, or a lard-slickened hog

We’re unable to grasp, dismay leaves us agog

As calloused as thumb that’s rubbed raw till it’s thin

As rankled as cushion that’s prickled with pins

Our only defense, to lash out and discount

The feelings of others, in any amount

Yet what is the answer to all this affronting

When egos enraged in unfettered confronting

Unrefuted the reason is that we presume

And on we will go from the cradle to tomb

Our very existence dependent on gall

It’s brought us to heights, then spectacular falls

The circle is vicious, and appears neverending

Like the rows that we hoe, and the seedlings we’re tending

Tis what gives us life and our reason to be

And hounds us, like scourge, for all eternity…

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