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The riches of the throne of Heaven

Granted when one’s life is ended

Not thinking of what else might be

Behind facade you cannot see…

Well, that’s the story of The Omen

A menace that the Devil foments

In the form of saintly child

With rosy cheek and nature mild

See, man of wealth of ample size

Agrees to switch when baby dies

And takes on orphan as his son

He meant no harm to anyone

Named Damien, no that’s not weird

A cherub that comes to be feared

For soon the wrongs can’t be ignored

Around him folks are hanged or gored

Confused the parents know not why

Around them many apt to die

Until the father learns the truth

The sign that gives the final proof

The crazy moment all things click

He finds The Mark of 6-6-6

The only thing that does him in

Megiddo daggers pierce his skin

As film climbs to the tensest ending

Lil Damien, to Hell he’s sending

Instead the father, he gets stopped

By good-intentioned well-armed cop

The final scene, well it’s a chiller

The sweetest smile, on face of killer

The Devil wins? We’ll have to see

Watch Omen II, then Omen III…

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