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From A Poet's Heart

On this day so many rise

And cannot wait for great surprise

A flurry of activity

Fervor and vivacity

We have waited whole year through

With endless list of things to do

That once complete makes this occasion

Full of wondrous spirit-raising!

Yet some might turn to introspection

And quiet thought and much reflection

For life delivers good and harm

Clearing skies and looming storm

There is no telling what might be

What Fortune has in store for thee

And that’s what stirs my bent to write

To beget change, to shed some light

To offer those that need to find

A message that brings peace of mind

I hope these words make their way home

To bursting hearts, to those alone

For all I want to do each year

Is invigorate, with joy and cheer

Leave deep impression that won’t fade

Help recognize the strides we’ve made

So that when day comes to a close

We all might rest in sweet repose

The world outside is held at bay

So that in peace our heads will lay…

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