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From Winter Days to Spring

*Illustration reference: Oscar Wilde

Irish poet and playwright

The warmth of spring plays peek-a-boo

It ducks and hides, it dives and bends

When will this romp of headache end

As wipe again wet muck from shoe

Exhausted from the news reports

Another storm tomorrow comes

Batten hatches, tight as drum

Clearing snow is not a sport

The buds confused by frost and sun

Will peek then close, locked tight cocoon

Pleading that Spring come, and soon

Of erratic climes they’re done, and done!

All flora has slept long enough

The fauna sleepily from nest

Has gotten more than needed rest

Their torrid quilt they ache to slough

The day did break with brighter skies

Thermometer reads double digits

Helios, at last outbid it

Wintry-time, away it flies!

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