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Feel that chill? On back of neck?

As you survey from moneyed deck A sea of green, from mountaintop

Idyllic view, but chills won’t stop

But still you hope you get fair shake

This job could be just what it takes

A place to write neglected book

In site serene, the Overlook…

Soon wife and kid are settled down

You take them far away from town

The snow blows in and isolates

Your lives are left in hands of Fates

The ghosts and spirits of those halls

Entice with outlawed alcohol

So now you’re their invited guest

Compelled to be at their behest

They’re drawn to child with gift of shine

They hunger for his gift divine

And none can give it better than

The father that types letters when

He’s in a trance, with fervid joy

“All work, no play, makes Jack dull boy”

But when you try fulfilling task

Your wife will not do as she’s asked

She hits you with a baseball bat!

A real man would not stand for that!

So now it’s up to you, my friend

You must bring nonsense to an end

You grab an ax, you’ll bring them round

If not, then you will put them down!

As through the halls the spirits writhe

They’re having the time of their lives

You think where should your search begin

The door’s wide open, cold swirls in

Boy’s run outside into the snow

You know he’s got nowhere to go

Escaped to maze, that silly fellow

Easily, with ax, you follow

And run and run and call his name

Though hate you do this silly game

It’s getting later and much bleaker

You feel yourself get so much weaker

You sit down, needing break from chase

Though, know you do, no time to waste

No turning back, you’ve lost your mind

Soon sleep with dream… “The boy is mine…


As dawn breaks in the frosty air

One sees a ghostly figure there

He’s stiff as board and froze in place

A deathly stare across his face

HIs body cold, he’s dead and gone

But do not doubt his soul lives on

A spectral echo, fading carpet

In 237, you hear the tap drip

“Do Not Disturb” sign hangs on door

He is a guest, forever more

I say beware, if room you book

You might not leave The Overlook…

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