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Frosty Goes On Vacation

Frosty the Snowman

Spent all his time in cold

Morning, noon and night

Through snow drifts he did roll

He lived benumbed alone

So shivery and wintry

And yet he longed for something

He knew just could not be

A world of red and orange

Of heat and sandy shores

Where people were so warm

That barely clothes they wore!

One day in pure frustration

For another blizzard blew

He couldn’t take a minute more

He knew what he must do

He bought himself a ticket

To see Galapagos

He didn’t even need a bag

For a scarf and carrot nose

While sitting on the airplane

He turned the fan real high

And though he started sweating

He was happy just to fly

The flight, thank god, was short

He landed, still intact

Yet now was full on melting

There was no turning back

He barely had the time to get

To see the isle and beach

What once was just a fantasy

Was now within his reach!

And just as his eyes saw the sea

He turned into a puddle

His corncob pipe and carrot nose

Now floated in a muddle

But don’t for Frosty shed a tear

His story is not sad

He left this earth enjoying

The best day he ever had!

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