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Get On With It!

Isn’t it a funny thing

When young and spry you’ve got that zing

A joie de vivre, without a care

A certain kind of savoir faire

But then with age there has to be

Acknowledgment of gravity

In both demeanour and in health

The crush of age can come in stealth

Before you know it, gone is youth

You try to grasp, but that’s the truth

Inevitable is its path

No matter if you fudge the math

Stave it off with snips and tugs

With Spanx and botox, bad hair plugs

But age has way of sneaking up

No magic potion you can sup

So why not just embrace in full

Getting old need not be dull!

If you’ve saved well, and planned ahead

There’s lots to do before you’re dead

Don’t sit indoors and waste away

Hold feeling obsolete at bay

There’s world to see and food to eat

A sea to sail, good friends to meet

I tell you this as one who’s dealing

With that “am I done for?” feeling

Yet let my answer set the stage

To never ever “act your age”

It’s just a number, like IQ

It should not be what typecasts you

“Getting on” is not raw deal

You’re only as old as you feel!

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