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Good Old Dog

Older dogs are precious cargo

Once so spry, now cannot far-go

Their fur is coarse, it sprouts in tufts

There’s slightest limp in how they strut

The stairs are getting harder now

But up and down they get somehow

A little ratty round the ears

But that’s what comes from many years

Their eyesight dims, goes fast their hearing

All signs of that which we’ve been fearing

Each day that passes more change comes

You dread the beat of Pale Death’s drum

My good ol’ girl is getting up there

Someday, I know, she’ll travel up where

High in sky, cloud and stars meet

Eternity waits with all the treats

And I’ll be there until the end

Stroking gently beloved friend

As sweet dreams of a great adventure

Ease her off to sleep forever…

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