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Grand Dad

There’s birthday wishes of the kind

When wished are out of sight and mind

Insubstantial in expression

That barely make a slight impression

So for my dad, these wishes lack

The kind of punch they need to pack

‘Cause he is worthy of much more

This stately gent, whom I adore

He must be showered with devotion

Wide as sky and deep as ocean

There is no thing that I can wrap

No objet d’art placed in his lap

He values things that go much deeper

Esteem on scale that rises steeper

Like loyalty, trustworthiness

To hold your kin in reverence

The sort of man won’t seek attention

Would hardly care for barest mention

There truly are so few like him

With goodness he is filled to brim

As man, he stands beyond all measure

As father? He is cherished treasure!

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