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Happy 80th, Henry!

Today my sweet father turns eighty

An age that to me once was daft

Over the hill and way past your prime

I'd never get that old, I'd laugh

But here now I eat up those words

As a big slice of hot humble pie

For my dad has just started blooming

He did not roll over and die

Those that are lucky to meet him

May not see the standout he is

It's because he is gentle and quiet

But at winning at life he's a whiz!

He's always been coaching and teaching

It's a gift that he has that keeps giving

He offers advice so that everyone is

Secure in the life that they're living

His own life is calm yet engaging

His interests and pursuits are quite wide

But first and foremost is my mother

He rarely is not by her side

It's that promise of love and commitment

You stand by your word and stay true

No matter how tough is the challenge

You face it, that's what you must do

All my life I've been shown that example

Deeply ingrained in my soul

The welfare of family is sacred

Fight hard to sustain and keep whole

My father embodies self-sacrifice

With no time for sadness or grief

You make sure to do what is needed

It's been his most steadfast belief

He does not like undue attention

He's happiest when in the shadows

But today is the day we can really let loose

When you're eighty, well anything goes!

He's deserving of much celebration

All the love and esteem we can show

Oh happiest birthday Dear Henry

To the greatest man I'll ever know!

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1 Comment

Jan 20, 2022

Thanks Theresa, I've not heard mention such kind words, about this old man, ever!

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