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As fingers tapped on laptop key

I had acute epiphany

A moment of unfettered clarity

So thankful for kind wisdom’s charity

That here right now I share with you

May we all learn new points of view

The ones that turn to love from hate

Embrace we must, it’s not too late

For tides have turned, it chills my core

We’re less inclined than e’re before

To give acceptance, affirmation

Instead exist in fixed frustration

What a way to live this life

Forced to pay too high a price

When our desires trample others

A sense of unity is smothered

Angry, bitter, ever slighted

A powder keg might be ignited

With bare a flash, a lapse of care

We vanish, all, into thin air…

I’ve said it once, I’ll say again

The droning bore of this refrain

Make mindsets like this grow and blossom

As symbiotic microcosm

Becomes our mantra, echoed song

In harmony, where we belong!

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