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Heard and Seen

I rarely make a splash or scene

I like to stow behind my screen

But that is how I do prefer

To live my life, a bit austere

No flash, no shine, just quiet, mild

My days are done of doing wild

But do not write off what’s inside

That’s where the madcap nut abides

It comes out in its own due time

Perhaps in drawing, silly rhyme

My only wish, to conjure smile

To have you thinking, for a while

I’ll playfully make souls feel stirred

With odes both thoughtful and absurd

And that’s what I hope to inspire

If you have goals, well, aim them higher!

Put spring in step, a pep to stride

Let inner voice shout far and wide

We all know that it’s not too late

To find your bliss, don’t hesitate!

For flash insight I’m always keen

It’s time that you’re both heard AND seen!

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