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Help Not Hinder

What causes one to cause one pain? Inflicting that which brings no gain

To cut them off or cut them down

To grind their worth right to the ground

And when their suffering’s complete

One revels in their sheer defeat

Is there a hole that can’t be filled

A hardened base that can’t be tilled

An emptiness that echoes spite

A blackened well that sees no light

Those deep-felt wounds might never heal

If we don’t work hard to reveal

That when a person’s worth is lacking

Some value’s found when they’re attacking

For making others feel much smaller

Mistakenly makes one feel taller

But when uncovered it’s compelled

En masse this meanness be dispelled

And with most things that rot and fester

We must not let it root and nest here

Is not what makes our species fitter

Our skill to curb what makes us bitter?

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