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Holiday Overload

Hail this month that chills and thrills

With boozy drinks and sidewalk spills

And get-togethers, friends so dear

Cheese ball platters, woodsy beer

Ugly sweaters from your aunt

Refuse to wear? You know you can’t!

Family heirlooms hung on tree

Awkward photos with family

Endless games played of charades

Visits that feel over-stayed

Jokes that seem unsuitable

Arguments so disputable

Obligations you can’t avoid

Of mirth and joy they seem devoid

Cramming stuff in back of car

In dodgy weather, driving far

Overbearing relatives

Patience you have none to give

Screaming kids, including yours

Last minute shop in crowded stores

You spent the weeks in preparation

But quickly does that celebration

Come and go with fevered pitch

And hopefully without a hitch

So when at last the day is due

It’s drained the merry out of you

Un-tied ribbons, paper ripped

Secret flask of rum you’ve sipped

Turkey basted, potatoes mashed

Table cleared and dishes stashed

Kids asleep, and guests all gone

You can’t believe the day is done

Take a breath, though it be brief

Yet feel a calm sense of relief

That you’ve survived another year

Patched with moments of good cheer

There is no doubt that you lived through it

Again, next year, you’ll gladly do it!

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