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Nikola Nikolovski

I’m under no constraint to please

Nor set your worried mind at ease

I’m wholly formed, entitled to

Nothing but the truth from you

It matters not that you desire

To not be labeled, crass, a liar

You’ve played the “good guy” like a role

Allowing you to keep control

But now the mask is stripped away

Our life no longer is a play

Your scripted words all come off hollow

In your arrogance I’d wallow

But now awakened I don’t care

I have no feelings left to spare

With make believe, you crossed the line

The room’s on fire, and it’s not fine

The signs are read, the point is got

Yet devastated I am not

This is how relations work

You say your piece, though it may hurt

And then we go our separate ways

Make up the bed in which we lay

But most of all, I realize

That honesty is what I prize

It’s owed to me, and with respect

It smooths the way to disconnect

With time I know we will forget

Sincerely live, without regret

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