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Oh honeybee oh hardworking one

Flitting through skies and warmed by the sun

Darting and buzzing from flower to flower Busy collecting food hour upon hour

A beautiful world you’ve a wing in creating

Where would we be without your pollinating

If you disappear I’m not sure what we’d do

Some say we’re dependent some say it’s not true

But what I believe is that we’re all intertwining

Human and creature through nature’s divining

One without other would be most pernicious

Our tables less laden our food less delicious

I firmly believe that we must save the bee

Along with the rivers, the ocean, the tree

Start at the root of the problem and rise

Truly face facts and perhaps we’ll grow wise

For what the bee brings besides all that honey

Cannot be replaced regardless of money

Provide them oasis, put down the spray

Leave them in peace as they go ‘bout their way

The beauty of bees we can watch all day long

Let their hypnotic hum be summer’s sweet song…

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