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I am Alain, son of Michael...

I am Alain, son of Michael

And today is a most special day

I'm the powerful God of Thunder

To be honoured in a most special way

I come from a land you know not

Of thunder and lightning I'm master

But I'm also a sweet funny guy

It's just that compared to all mortals I'm faster

Born in the mystical city

The beautiful Kapuskasing

In the infinite lands of Ontario

(If I'd stayed there I'd surely be king)

Do you notice my gigantic muscles?

And magnificent cape flowing red

Luscious are my golden locks

I've got silvery wings on my head

There's someone that I have to deal with

My brother is so aggravating

So I carry a really big hammer

(It's not like I am compensating...)

In this life I had many adventures

I've had to protect much this and that

But really I long for the suburbs

With a family, 2 dogs and a cat

So on this particular birthday

I am wishing the hardest I can

For a break from all stuff that is super

Let me be just an average man

Let me mow the long grass in the summer

Wear an apron and grill a good steak

Let me sleep in on all of the weekends

Even Thunder gods could use a break

I don't think it is too much to ask

And I hope I'm not being a pain

If I only have one small condition

You all call me "Mighty Alain"!


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