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I too am like the earth

I too am like the earth

Swelling with abundant girth

Benevolent with all my powers

Giving berth to trees and flowers

Congenial when mood shall strike

Do as I please with what I like

Hospitable to verve and life

Yet humour poised on edge of knife

Twisting in a state of pique

I swipe at both the bold and meek

Though angrily I gripe with storms

Afford I will with havens warm

Return with ease to peaceful air

So all might feel safe in my care

But do not take goodwill for granted

Raze like a vandal seeds I’ve planted

Pollute my waters, foul my lands

Make such impossible demands

And what will be your just rewards

Is wrath like pointy red-hot swords

I will take back all that was given

Ruin what you need for living -

With every day that passes thusly

Choices made, if made too brusquely

The hourglass of sand does run

The midnight hour indeed will come

The earth is patient, can be kind

Assume so, though, she bides her time

And I, like her, shall brook no gall

And clock that marks, ticks for us all…

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