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I Am Where You Are

The thing that brings me so much joy

When I indulge, my spirits buoy

My favourite thing, of all to do

Is let mind float and think of you

There is no time I will not drift

To treat my heart to sweetest lift

Then picture dreamily your face

The way you fill this very space

The way you walk, the way you stand

The way you gently take my hand

Your voice, your smile, the way you smell

You’re like a secret I won’t tell

It’s not that I can’t feel replete

Nor when apart, I’m not complete

But when I walk this path alone

I find I’m always heading home

It does not matter, near or far

I need no guide to where you are

All questions answered, no sides defended

All games ignored, the search has ended

The world might sit, just bit askew

How can I mind when I’m with you…

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