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I Will Survive

I write this as I sit in pain

I fell off my bike, yet again

Though how I fell displayed no grace

I’m thankful helmet saved my face

I got a bit of red road rash

Sore shoulders and the smallest gash

It won’t discourage nor beat down

I picked myself up off the ground

I got back on, and pedaled home

I’ll always get to where I’m going

I might take just the slightest break

My right wrist sprained, oh boy it aches

Luckily my brain’s intact

So I can write my daily tract

Implore I will, if you’re a driver

A cyclist’s trying to survive here!

The slightest lapse can devastate

And sorries always come too late

Now truth is, I am sure to heal

Return to riding on two wheels

I’ll always bike, it’s way of living

There will be cars, that is a given

Be glad this day, much worse was missed

Yet hope we learn to coexist…

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