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It's Going to Be Okay...

Third millennium’s turned twenty four

And there be things we can’t ignore

That spin my head with shocked surprise

I sometimes can’t believe my eyes

I thought we all had come to learn

That books are not meant to be burned

Foolish culture wars still rage

We can’t agree on climate change

The simplest concepts once we shared

Are long since gone into thin air

Like war is bad, oppression hurtful

But milk of human kindness curdled

Division tore us far apart

Emboldened hatred, blackened hearts

We’ve reached a critical impasse

Insane how falsehoods spread so fast

If we don’t smarten up and see

That common sense and good are key

Then done we are, no turning back

Though odds against us fully stacked

Democracy has now gone rogue

Integrity is back in vogue

I still believe we’re course correcting

Hope humane values worth protecting

Rise to the top to be restored

Let’s keep the faith in ‘24!

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