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It's Up to You...

*Illustration reference: Geobar

There’s little that’s good that comes from a mess

So I’ll turn to that line, “You did try your best!”

You loved and supported, you waited, you tried

Allowed total access, you let them inside

Dampened your instinct, ignored all the flags

Found inner strength when you felt your steps lag

Yet all came to nothing, or worse, even less

They’ll say that you failed, as if love were a test

They’ll say you don’t care, but the opposite’s true

You cared and you carried, no more could you do

And that is their fear and the worst of their traits

They know deep inside, the inevitable waits

Each person they’ve “loved”, one day finally breaks

There’s only so much of their lies you can take

And yet in the parting they lash out and will hurt

They think causing pain is, for you, “just desserts”

They pass on the blame, taking none for themselves

And soon you’re the past, ignored dusty shelves

You’re left in a puddle, with your heart inside out

Still reeling with questions, and full of self-doubt

I say, don’t you dare let them brag at their leisure

Thinking they've won, don’t you give them the pleasure!

Banish their damage, untangle their hold

Buy back from the Devil the soul that you sold

The sorrow, the pain, of being rejected

You think it’s your fault? Let that thought be ejected!

The only true thing is that you’re here and alive

To build back esteem, to know better, to thrive!

I can’t stress enough not to pay them attention

Live for tomorrow, let the past go unmentioned

It’s our missteps and failures that we overcome

Determines where next that we might emerge from

And will your soon-after be gloomy and blue…

Or will you rise stronger? It is all up to you!

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