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Pulse Check

The year is 2022

The things we did

We cannot do

The things we do

Are different too

The news is bad

It's rarely fine

State of affairs

In steep decline

Prices up

Wages down

Behind that mask

I feel your frown

To calm the fret

You take a breath

Yet fear it brings

A wretched death

Yet when you thought

Things might come right

It came and took

Dear Betty White

I say to this

No hesitation

Lower all

Your expectations

It's okay

Be cynical

Sarcastic quips

Are never dull

Do what you need

To get you by

Don't want to talk?

I won't ask why

But don't give up

Don't fade away

Tomorrow is

Another day

And it will come

You can't erase it

But you're in charge

Of how you face it

So gird your loins

And steel your nerves

Ease off the gas

For coming curves

Even though

Things don't feel groovy

We're not in a

Bill Murray movie

We can take it

A little longer

This won't kill us

It makes us stronger

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