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Jack and The Devil

*Image reference: David Tennant as the demon Crowley from Good Omens

Come now! Hear this tale!

Of a sinister sale

'Twixt the Devil and a man named Jack

Seems Jack sold his soul

But with dice and a roll

There was chance he could win it all back

The Devil was keen

Long this man he had seen

Drifting, no purpose in sight

So he gave Jack his chance

To let dice in hand dance

“Roll. Save your soul. You just might”

Our Jack was no fool

Knew the Devil was cruel

There was little from Him he could hide

There was naught left to lose

Another blow on a bruise

Self pity would have to abide

The Devil sat waiting

He despised hesitating

And clenched His sharp teeth in disgust

Jack took a deep breath

“So what? It's just Death.

We ain't nothing but shadows and dust.”

Jack came and sat down

His grin more like a frown

And heard the game's only concession

“If you roll a thirteen,

It could very well mean

That God's ready to hear your confession.”

“You'll be free as a bird,

I swear on My Word,

That thing that you treasure so dear

But roll anything less

And your soul I'll digest!”

He crossed His left chest with a sneer

Jack squirmed in the sand

Took the dice in his hand

He cupped them and shook them about

The Devil was breezy

This wager was easy

Collecting this soul was no doubt

Sweat dripped from Jack's brow

Knew the moment was now

And he whipped the small rattlers with zest

Jack threw them so hard

The dice broke into shards

What tally was made from this mess?

The Devil knelt down

The scraps spread on the ground

Were winking with ruby red eyes

Cried o'er the remains

Of those bones with bloodstains

The one thing in this world that he prized!

As he gathered the shreds

Of those dice He had read

With an infinite number of men

Once, twice, then a third

The Devil thought it absurd

It came thirteen again and again

Had Jack beat the Devil

Had good beaten evil?

Was he saved from this Hell-dwelling menace?

One word now was due

Sepulchral yet true

GO.” Said the Devil and grimaced

Jack gathered his thoughts

His guts tied up in knots

Nods to the Devil he'd beat

In his head he was sure

This was far from a cure

No telling when again they would meet

Jack slipped away reeling

Had this ominous feeling

That freedom should not be a gamble

He'd been given more time

Out this hole he must climb

Or his life would remain in a shamble

Jack knew he must strive

To be glad he's alive

To do anything less was to fail

'Cause the Devil does reckon

When his gaunt finger beckons

There's always a soul that's for sale...

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