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An Ode to Dr. Fauci

There’s not a lot to celebrate

Aren’t we all a little grouchy?

But who’s been there through thick and thin?

Beloved Doctor Fauci

Don’t you dare come for this man

He’s had enough of that

He’s only trying to do his job

His back’s needing a pat

So for y’all that only know

Him through the media

Here’s his bio told in rhyme

And Wikipedia…

Born December 24th

A Christmas babe was he

To a family in New York

That came from Italy

By all accounts he did excel

In school and basketball

Became the captain of the team

At five-seven inches tall!

He studied with a pre-med track

I bet his life was hell

Yet got his medical degree

From hail, all hail, Cornell!

Finishing as a resident

He eschewed the call of wealth

And joined as an associate

The National Institutes of Health

Some would say the government

Is not a job we’d want

A man who’s bound by policy

Has had his share of taunts

He came of age in ‘84

His career and identity

Intrinsically and intertwined

Defined by HIV

Imagine what it might be like

The fear that took its toll

Berated for the slow response

That was out of his control

But he resolved to stay the course

And developed strategies

Immune reconstitution of

Those with this disease

Decades later he soldiers on

The battle is not done

I don’t think he will ever rest

Until that war is won

Yet look how history repeats

Through every crisis since

People never seem to learn

It’s repeated wash and rinse

He’s worked with leaders left and right

On him so much reliance

But who’d predict the day would come

When folks said no to science

Thank god this man is tough as nails

He handles issues weighty

Can you imagine doing this?

And this man is over eighty!

Let us not forget these times

That led to fear and death

Anti-masks and anti-vaxx

It’s all a waste of breath

Respect to all the experts that

Have spent their lives engrossed

In years of study and research

When we’ve needed them the most

It’s only hindsight that will show

The folly of our kind

And just how far we fell from grace

As many lost their minds

Collectively we’ll make it through

Though often slow and slouchy

And we will owe some gratitude

To that good egg Doctor Fauci!

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