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A Good Deed

There may be a general malaise in the air

Pervasive this feeling that people don’t care

And topping things off there are problems galore

We wonder what Nature for us has in store

Hurricanes, blizzards and fires and ice

To venture outdoors takes a roll of the dice

Some have no choice and must travel that road

The truck driver carries much more than their load

We rant when they’re slow yet we scream when they’re late

We think them nobodies yet value their freight

We don’t know these people nor care for their plight

We push them to drive all the day and through night

And still they show up and they do it again

Performing a job that would drive most insane

Faceless and nameless but that’s not this story

Instead let us shower one driver with glory

This man from Virginia, Jean-Carlo Gachet

Was stuck in his truck on an icy highway

For hours and hours he waited not moving

Could see that conditions were so not improving

Night turned to morning and yet he could smile

For he had supplies that would last him a while

But what happened next would fill most hearts with pride

Took food from his truck and he headed outside

A car that he’d watched had been stuck in his mind

He knew that long hours had passed since they’d dined

So he offered the driver a warm bite to eat

They were quite surprised but were glad for the treat

And this is the thing that we often forget

Lost in the headlines of sadness and debt

That gestures of kindness mean more than we know

And moments of being just thoughtful can show

That we are not lost and compassion’s not dead

For a goodhearted man made sure others were fed

I hope that this tale makes your insides feel lighter

And buoys all our spirits and makes days ahead brighter

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