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What a Difference a Year Doesn't Make...

In the year twenty twenty-one On the 6th of January A thing happened in the United States To most folks quite contrary Morals were not accounted for Decorum burned down like a pyre Due to unscrupulous efforts and lies Democracy was set on fire There is not one explanation For how these events came about But I guarantee delusion set in All fueled by mistrust and doubt The world watched with contempt and ire As that mess of a man came undone And befuddled a simple election By lying and saying he’d won But that is how his clown car ways Reduced strategy to a joke He rallied his supporters and minions A white hot fire sprang from the smoke Those idiots filmed the whole thing We saw how those jackasses jump Whenever they’re triggered by logic Brings chaos in service of Trump Like children set loose in a store They broke things with little regard Acting so spoiled and shambolic For losing to them was too hard But harmless these antics were not Those watching were so horrified As the protest turned ugly and deadly US democracy died Today the mess has been cleaned up It’s been a whole year of debate Yet today we are waiting for justice But all we still hear of is hate What will you believe? Facts or lies? Endlessly slow feels the pace But the GOP is about stalling Fairness gets slapped in the face But until the last witness speaks Of truth we'll take any amount When Americans wake from this nightmare

Give attention to matters that count May the year we spent in limbo Be not disadvantaged by guile And relegate Trump to the trash heap Make sanity come back in style

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