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King of the Armchair

Those armchair critics, watch them judge

‘Bout so much stuff they hold a grudge

Like who said this and why there’s that

They’ve picked a side to every spat

And yet what wisdom do they offer?

No expertise in views they proffer

They’re simply sure of what they know

(Which ain’t a lot, and man, it shows!)

An echo chamber of such crap

And all with bowl of chips in lap

They wield a mean TV remote

And yet I wonder, do they vote?

To them, the same, all politicians

They all just praise their lame positions

They think they’re better, but they’re not

Of smarts, they haven’t got a lot

They’d drain the swamp and fix the system?

Make everyone shut up and listen

They think they’re only proud truth-seekers?

Yet only lies come through their speakers

Going nowhere, are their thoughts

Of thinking world’s gone straight to pot

With drink in hand and loud complaints

Expressing rage without restraint

They bring no change that’s any good

I’m not sure they would if they could

It’s easier to smear and sprawl

As King of Nothing Much At All…

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