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Know Thyself

I say feel no insecurity

You and I, here, meant to be

In all our multitudinous forms

From finest minds to wriggling worms

I beg do not undo what’s done

Be proud of that which comes hard won

In darkest corner, furthest reaches

Obscurity might thwart, yet teaches

That if we keep our circle small

Anonymity need not cast pall

Our greatest strength, our self-respect

Reward will bloom despite neglect

Self-satisfaction is enough

It comes when made of sterner stuff

Block our ears from other’s hate

So insults do not penetrate

Celebrate our independence

Uplift to state of pure ascendence

No longer feel the need to hide

The light within, our sense of pride

The greatest thing that one can own

Fulfillment when one stands alone

Self-awareness sets you free

And knowing oneself is the key…

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