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Lead With Love

*Illustration reference: Eugène Romain Thirion

- Joan of Arc Listening to the Voices (1876)

Said the brain, to heart, one day

“Hate to disturb, but have to say

You’ve lately done some heavy lifting

Your expectations, always shifting

I see the cracks, it’s quite unnerving

Perhaps you should be more self-serving

Put your needs above the rest

Don’t be so giving, it’s for the best

There’s only so much you can do

And no reward has come to you

It simply is not practical

Forever drained, and rarely full

I only say this, ‘cause I care

The stress of life’s too much to bear!”

The heart it waited, patiently

It drew deep breath, resignedly

It sat in quiet, kept on beating

Like distant thunder oft repeating

It needn’t justify its aim

It’s not beholden to the brain

Decisions of a nature sound

Our intellect can wear that crown

But logic is not all we need

We madly go where heart will lead

For it has but one purpose ever

Uphold love. Surrender? Never

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