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Leader of the Pack

Beware ye that rejects and muscles about

They haven’t a clue as they jockey for clout

There’s thunder in clouds that will not dissipate

And woe to those choosing to de-estimate

Quiet does not mean there’s no fortitude there

With great inner strength there is much one can bear

If knocked down you get up, the scars are your prize

And when you come back that’s when you realize

That if fear held you down, it’s not there any longer

For that which did not kill you has in fact made you stronger

And to those that dismissed you, then went on attack

That would throw you to wolves, and would then turn their backs

It’s more than just morals and foresight they lack

For they never could picture you head of the pack!

A triumphant return is the root of their fears

And by rights then you’ve earned the respect of your peers

They’ve torn at your flesh as they made you their feeder

Now healed are your wounds, take your place as their leader!

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