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Lying Eyes

How lying comes with ease to some

Where does this untruth lean come from?

Those folks with mouth the normal size

Can sure unleash humongous lies

There’s chance that it is pathological

So handy when one’s demagogic-al

They know there’s people who believe

Too easily, so to deceive

They smile too big and promise much

And fool the herd with lightest touch

But when there’s need of BIG convincing

They’ll lie so bad, it has me wincing

They know their target, and their goal

To get ahead, be damned their soul!

Like guile to them is favoured sport

They only stop if dragged to court

You’d think that’s where their lies might end

Even when to jail we send

But yet in cell they’ll sit and stew

And ponder what more they could do

Regret’s a word, and nothing else

The only victim is themselves

And left we are with lives askew

To clarify what’s real and true

Then figure out our own protection

From those that traffic in deception

Make lying eyes lose all their power

We must shut theirs and open ours!

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