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Making Breakfast

Contemplating breakfast

I got eggs and I got toast

Depends on what I make fast

Or what I crave the most

Creamy polenta with grated sharp cheese

Simmering oatmeal that's spiced if you please

Sunny side egg served with browned crispy bread

Maybe some bacon will keep me well fed

I'll do a big fry up with tomatoes and lard

Flip me some pancakes that won't be so hard

There's too many choices my energy's waning

My stomach is grumbling and loudly complaining

So what will win out and is likely the best

Is prob'ly the meal that is made easiest

Milk and a box then bowl with a spoon

Lucky for me that I'll be eating real soon

It's not quite the meal that is most satisfying

But hey I'm awake give me credit for trying

I'm eating the most important meal of the day

Even if made in my own special way

(And I love me a bowl of that ol' Special K!)

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