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Mid-Summer Ennui

Illustration reference: "After the Ball" (1899)

by Ramon Casas y Carbo

Tis ennui mid-summer style

Though sun doth shine, bare breaks a smile

The world on fire, towns under water

Civility on edge does totter

The future bleak as often happens

When those in charge with gums a-flappin’

Say “Look over there! Don’t watch me here

Do not believe your eyes nor ears!

There’s naught to worry, all is fine!”

While precedent proves they be lyin’

My senses are so overwhelmed

What yet awaits? No one can tell

Will there be world for kith and kin?

Or even one worth living in?

Will care be given when I’m prone?

Or will I suffer all alone?

Content the one who says no prayer

Who knows tis fruitless, no one’s there

To bring contentment where be none

So soothe yourself and then be done…

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