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Mother, May I?

*Illustration reference: "Sleeping Mother" by Christian Krohg

Beyond all energy we hold

No look nor shoulder ever cold

Indefatigable each day

Steadfast that no view can sway

As resolute as grand sequoia

On sidelines she is rooting for you

When tightened nerves are sprung and tenuous

And daily toils are feeling strenuous

Unflagging in ability

There’s no doubt by my side she’ll be

So, Mother may I interrupt

And offer you relief and sup

For if there’s one amongst all others

That needs respite, tis truly mothers

And if this one day does its trick

Reminder planted that will stick

To find a way to honour often

Perhaps it’s just our tone we soften

Or take more beats to realize

We carve some space in busy lives

A token small, the lightest touch

Those little things mean oh so much…

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